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Schoolytics services

TRack Engagement

Track daily student engagement, measuring progression and overall learning outcomes.

Instant Visualisations

Pre-built visualisations and data tables to quickly get insights on student learning.

Simple Setup

with Google for teachers.

G Suite integration for organizations.

Schoolytics is a Google for Education Partner

Works with Classroom

Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Drive and Google Sign in

Get Insights

Built for educators, by educators, to enable data driven actions in the classroom. Analyse data on course and student trends, layering data by assignment types, topics, and tracking trends over time.

Organisational Reporting

Google Classroom reporting tools to measure, monitor, and manage student engagement across the district or school.

Classroom Analytics

Automated monitoring systems to track at-risk and disengaged students in the classroom and across the organization. 

Track patterns in student engagement and performance over time, identifying students disengaged from learning.

Compare competency learning patterns across courses to understand differences between topics and classrooms.

Simplified information on grade performance and benchmarks in your classrooms.

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